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Brianna Peet Head Elementary Teacher Silverbow Montessori Butte Montana

Brianna Peet
  • Assistant Director
    Head Elementary Teacher

Brianna graduated from Salish Kootenai College with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. She worked in schools in Glen, MT; Bozeman, MT; and Anaconda, MT. In Anaconda she worked in special education in grades Pre-K to 12th for two years. She then taught 4th grade for four years before coming to Silver Bow Montessori. She enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, gardening, and reading. Brianna loves the connections she is able to form with students over their three-year programs and the love of learning the Montessori classroom helps to foster instudents.

Grace Peterson Administrative Coordinator Silverbow Montessori Butte Montana

Grace Peterson
  • Administrative Coordinator

Hello! I'm Grace, the office coordinator. I started working for Silver Bow Montessori in February 2020 and have loved being a part of an amazing staff and school. Every day is new and exciting and being a part of such a positive team makes this job a dream. Although my time at Silver Bow Montessori has been short, I have been working with children in daycare settings for over three years. Outside of work, I have my own photography business. Photography has beenan avid hobby of mine since I was 13-years-old. I also love working out and spending time at the gym, as well as rafting during the summers.

DeAnn Matheny Head Early Childhood Teacher Silverbow Montessori Butte Montana

DeAnn Matheny
  • Head Early Childhood Teacher

DeAnn Matheny is our AMS certified teacher for the Silver Bow Montessori Primary School. I have 10 years of teaching experience as an AMS certified Montessori Guide. The Montessori environment reaches the children at their own level and allows for self-construction and education of the whole child. To experience a three-year cycle with the children allows you to really get to know the child, helping them to grow their confidence, interests, and independence.

Jyoti Nagisetty Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Silverbow Montessori Butte Montana

Jyoti Mohan Nagisetty
  • Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

I come from a family of educators, believing strongly in the importance of a good education for all our children as our future lies in their hands. Starting at the grass root level, an all around development helps in shaping the personality of each individual. I am 41 years old with more than 9 years of teaching experience at various levels, Masters, Graduates, Undergraduate, and 3-5 years old. Before starting at Silver Bow Montessori last year I taught for a year at King’s Kids. I have a MA Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, M.A. and M. Phil in English Language and Literature. I love teaching and being around kids. I firmly believe that we should be learners for a life-time, sharing and caring for all the children and actively contributing to the society we live in. I love to share my Indian experiences and knowledge with children and help to shape a better understanding of the world.

Carley Johnson Early Childhood Assistant Teacher Silverbow Montessori Butte Montana

Carley Johnson
  • Early Childhood Assistant Teacher

Carley is 24 years old and currently studying Early Childhood Education through the Universityof Montana-Western. Carley grew up in Butte, but also lived in Killeen, Texas and Des Moines, Iowa while her dad was in the military. Carley has worked in Childcare for the last six years with King’s Kids, AWARE, and head start.

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